September 24, 2011

Our travelling plans

It has been incredibly hectic the last few weeks. Matthijs and I are working day and night to finish other projects, preparing for our travels and to get everything organised in time. I have not been sleeping very well the last few days and have this funny feeling. I realise we are really going to travel to the Arctic Circle, to become “professional aurora hunters.”

We will arrive in Stockholm on Monday evening and stay for the week in this Stuga at the Ängby camping in the middle of the city near the floodplains of the sea. There are some initiatives we are going to visit and definitely the exhibition “The Four Seasons” in Nationalmuseum. Which hopefully will be a great inspiration for the project.

On Saturday we will pick up this small camper that we have rented for 5 weeks. We are looking forward to drive this “husbil”. We have been talking about it for weeks.
Mostly we will be working at night and when it gets very cold we have our house close by. For us a comforting idea and it gives a lot of freedom. Also I have some very particular ideas for the scenery to shoot the images and this way we are going to stay flexible.

We will travel from Stockholm to Umeå, a 7 hour drive. We will meet some people there and visit the university. We also want to visit Jokkmokk, Kiruna and see how close we can get to the mountain Kebnekaise. 
Some small facts: They say that Kiruna has an approximate of 4 sunhours a day at the end of September and temperatures still above 0° at daytime.

But right now (two O’clock @ night) we have some technical problems to solve with one of the laptops, not all the equipment tested and still need to pack everything.