October 27, 2011

Epic Northern Lights

We were so lucky to witness the fantastic Northern Lights in the night of 24/25 October near Abisko, Sweden. And to be able to capture the rare red flames of light for two possible sequences of the film we are working on.


* Two stills from the timelapses we shot. These are unprocessed HDR photos and not yet the final product.

"NASA said the October 24 CME had such strength, speed, and mass as it struck Earth that it pushed the boundary of Earth’s magnetic fields – a boundary known as the magnetopause – from its normal position at about 40,000 miles away from Earth inward to about 26,000 miles. This is the area where spacecraft in geosynchronous orbit reside, so these spacecraft were briefly orbiting outside of Earth’s normal environment, traveling through material and magnetic fields far different from usual."

* A  picture of "The Aurora Hunters team" Eleanor and Matthijs, with their mobile home.