October 18, 2011

Kiruna, no lights yet

We have been in Kiruna now for 3 days, and above the Arctic Circle for 5. This should be the perfect place to watch the Northern Lights.
We have been in film-mode for a couple of nights now but the Aurora Borealis has not shown itself to us yet. This is mainly because of the cloudy and rainy, foggy weather. It’s all a bit tiring and frustrating, because you know that the lights are there, just above your head. Only the clouds are blocking our view. The weather forecast does not look very promising. More rain, more clouds. But the night from Wednesday to Thursday is looking a bit brighter and less cloudy than the last couple of nights. So we hope to catch at least a few glimpses of the Northern Lights that night.

We hoped to drive even higher up north to Tromsø, Norway some time these days. But our motorhome is not really build for these roads in the weather conditions up here. And there is more snow coming up this weekend. So we will likely head south earlier than planned. But even 2 hours down south from here, there can still be amazing displays of Northern Light at night. Let’s just hope for the best.

*Waiting for the Northern Lights to show