October 8, 2011

Update on our journey

We have been in Sweden now for about 12 days. Things aren't going as we hoped they would. But we are still alive and kicking. There is so much information and inspiration to be found in all the things we see and do. It can be a bit overwhelming.
We haven't had time to write a journal about our stay in Stockholm and Uppsala. And we don't have time right now. But tomorrow we'll arrive in Umeå and maybe we'll find some peace of mind to recapture the first 2 weeks of this journey. But right now we wanted to share the first 3 pictures we took in Stockholm. There's no Aurora to be seen, but at least some beautiful night skies to practice our new camera and techniques with.
By accident we discovered a beauty in the grains of our digital camera, different of course from the old analog grain, but something we want to experiment further with.

Right now we have a struggle with the natural forces. Our camera batteries can't stand the cold very well, our camper does not have a regular power socket or recharge options, our laptops only can take a couple of hours before drying out. We need our 21st century resources, but we have been thrown back a century or 2, or so it feels.

Also we did bring a lot of equipment with us, but only little clothing, especially for these weather conditions. We we're hoping to find some second hand shops in Stockholm first, to buy some cheap ski outfits, but apparently these Swedish people don't do winter clothing, or at least not of the cheap, secondhand variety. So we are freezing our asses off and don't want to spend the extra buck on more expansive outdoor clothing to keep us warm.

We'll see what Umeå will bring us, it's all part of the adventure and we're still happy to be here and to be able to work.