November 28, 2011

'behind-the-scenes' at STRP Festival

Last Friday, the 25th of Nov, I gave a talk about the 'behind-the-scenes' of our current film project "Lights in the North" at STRP Music, Art and Technology Festival ("How Do You Do"), started at 15:30. It was very informal though. To give you a slight impression of the day, have a look at the How Do You Do Website.
*Photo CC-BY Sebastiaan ter Burg

Also very proud to announch that Adri Schokker is the winner of the STRP Talent Pit Award 2011, with his graduation work "Reconstruction of a Catastrofe". He studied one year under me at the Frank Mohr Institute, and we also studied at the same BA a long time ago. Good luck Adri and I hope it will bring you a lot of opportunities!
*Photo CC-BY Sebastiaan ter Burg - Adri talking about his experiences